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Ascend Physical Therapy offers physical therapy services that are individually designed to meet the precise rehabilitative needs of each patient. Preventive programs are tailored to enable one to reach their full potential without the risk of injury.

Scope of Services

• Orthopedic Injury
• Pre & Post Operative Care
• Low Back & Neck Pain Relief
• Postural Assessment
• Workplace Ergonomics
• Sports Rehabilitation
• Kinesio Tape Applications
• Core Stability Programs
• Gait & Marathon Training
• Manual Therapy
• Geriatric Care

For a full list of conditions we treat, please call our office. We are happy to answer any and all of your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Physical Therapy?
Physical Therapy is a structured individualized treatment program designed to treat disease or injury through rehabilitation to maximize the patient’s potential to return to a pain free lifestyle and their daily functional activity. Physical Therapy uses hands on techniques and exercise to promote healing and prevent further injury. Each patient is given a personalized home exercise program to follow at home to allow for the quickest and most appropriate results.

Do I need to consult with a doctor before starting Physical Therapy?
Under Direct Access, a patient can be evaluated and treated by a licensed Physical Therapist without the referral of a doctor. Ascend Physical Therapy can get you started immediately with same day appointments available and will take care of all doctor communications for you.

Does my Insurance Cover Physical Therapy?
Ascend Physical Therapy accepts most insurances. Prompt Pay rates are also available for any patient without insurance or a physical therapy benefit. We will be happy to check and explain your benefits for you prior to your appointment. Please feel free to call us with any questions.

How long does a session take?
Each patient is required to undergo a Physical Therapy Evaluation on their first visit to allow the therapist to evaluate, diagnose, and create a treatment plan. The intial visit usually takes one hour. Each follow up visit typically takes 45 minutes. Ascend Physical Therapy will always work around your schedule to accommodate your physical therapy needs.




Medicare Accepted
Most major medical plans
Workers Compensation
Personal Injury Cases
Self Pay Rates also available.
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